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The wise2gether team consists of volunteers adults 65+, who are here to listen and answer your questions and concerns, equipped with wisdom, experience and love for young people.

Through the free online service of wise2gether that promotes and supports inter-generational communication and open dialogue, you can "meet" with cyber grandparents for personal advice on all everyday life matters.


The goal of wise2gether is to promote inter-generational understanding, recon and interaction between different generations, through:

- offering support to young people from older people, who could be their grandparents, and who have the time and sensitivity to care about their difficulties and answering their questions

- encouraging people in the third stage of adulthood to get involved with technology, to be active in answering questions of all kinds by young  people, based on their many years of experience and knowledge, and to find another reason to be active and useful in society

How does it work?

The first step is to complete the form below. Your question will be answered by a dedicated volunteer Cyber Grandpa who read your inquiry to wise2gether.

Within a few days, you will receive a response to your email

All inquiries are shared anonymously, in order to encourage intergenerational dialogue, with full respect to data protection policies

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