The Helidoni Foundation

From its very first steps, ANTAMA has been supported by ‘The Helidoni Foundation The Helidoni Foundation was established by Dimitris and Sara  Georgakopoulou in 2019. The Foundation makes grants  and investments in programs of charitable, educational and scientific enterprises in Greece with the aim of promoting renewal and progress in society, supporting charitable and social actions in their path from idea to sustainability. More  at:

Asterias Creative Design Agency

As a creative  office of 360 visual communication  Asterias has supoorted ANTAMA offering pro bono conssulting services for the creation of the corporate identity of ANTAMA COIN.S.EP and its individual actions.

Asterias creates emotions; Creates images that tell a story; Creates brands and products that people have loved for over 30 years. But in addition to creating, she also has her own emotions. It consists of people with sensitivities who want and can express themselves by helping others, by supporting good selfless purposes, such as those of ANTAMA. "A picture is a thousand words; just look at a wrinkle from a smile of a certain age. Close your eyes and design it. You can all create it", says its founder Stavros Platsi.

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