We "wink the eye" to Life!

We Say "NO" to Ageism.

"We wink the eye" to life.. we combat stereotypes

Globally, 1 in 2 people are ageist towards older people.

1 in 3 people in Europe, both young and old, report having been a target of ageism.

Ageism intersects and exacerbates other forms of disadvantage including those related to sex, race and disability

Everyday is an opportunity to understand that :

- we must not treat, "listen to", "see" people differently because of their age, younger or older than ours.

- the best ideas and the "strongest" results are created when people work together for a common goal, each contributing with his strongest element.

- we must all "work" together to diminish ageism, find the reasons to “approach” each other, unite our voices ... so as to create more space for personal and shared happiness.

Because happiness .. must not have age limits !

Each one of us, every face, all together we can compose the big picture of an inclusive society to all ages.

“Wink the eye” to life and send us your photo* at actions@antama.gr, participating in our effort to raise public awareness about Ageism !

* The photos that will be sent to ANTAMA will be published on the site and other communication media of ANTAMA, in the context of the awareness campaign against Ageism