We wink the eye to life.

We say NO to AGEISM

An Inside Out Group Action
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Stathis Konidaris

An Inside Out Group Action

About Inside Out Project

The Inside Out Project is a platform that helps communities around the world to stand up for what they believe in and spark global change locally.


By displaying large-scale black and white portraits of members from their community in public spaces, and thus making a statement and creating a work of public art!

It was founded by French street artist JR after he had won the TED Prize in 2011. Over the past decade, more than 450.000 people across 149 countries and territories have participated with more than 2.300 actions in the Inside Out Project.

About our Group Action

Through our Inside Out Action «WE WINK THE EYE" TO LIFE, WE SAY NO TO AGEISM!», we aim to spread awareness and awaken the public about Ageism, the harm it does on people’s lives and how it can be combatted by Social Inclusion and “investment” on Intergenerational Connections.

The portraits of the 103 people of all ages acts as their VOICE for welcoming life at all stages and diminishing negative stereotypes about age.