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«Interpreter Assistants»

Museum Educational Program for adults aged 65+

Become a museum interpreter!

The museum seminar aims to train people aged 65+ to work as volunteer “Interpreter Assistants” at the Hellenic Children's Museum.

The course includes 10 weeks of theory, where trainees will be educated in pedagogical learning theories that can be applied in museums and will understand how museums can work as an educational, cultural and skills development tool.

The participants will then receive 12-week practical training, initially observing the current Museum Interpreters, to equip themselves with interpretation models, to interact with visitors (children, families & schools) and gradually to undertake the role of Assistant Interpreter.
The museum's interpreters, giving children the leading role, use the objects of the Hellenic Children's Museum collections as triggers for their development of skills and discovery of knowledge.

After completing the training program, the now called "Interpreter Assistants", will be able to work voluntarily at the Museum to remain socially active, while interacting with children and families and creating relationships that practically bring different generations together.

65+ years old with a creative flair?

Within the framework of the "International Museum Day 2022" under the theme "The Power of Museums", the Hellenic Children's Museum and ANTAMA on Wednesday, May 18 organized an intergenerational activity entitled "Assistant Interpreter for a day!" for 15 adults aged 65+, aiming to show in practice how museums transform the world!

Focusing on the axis "Strengthening social cohesion through education", 15 adults (65+ years old) had the opportunity to live the interpretation experience at the Museum, interacting with the children and the museum's exhibits.

At the Children's Museum of Athens, children have the chance to discover the world around them while observing, thinking, playing and interacting with the exhibits.

The participation of 15 adults 65+ who will implement interpretive practices will further strengthen the museum experience of all parties involved.

The action was the harbinger of the six-month seminar "Interpreter in the museum" for adults 65+, which started in September 2022, with the support of the "TIMA Charitable Foundation".