Increasing population aging is one of the greatest challenges our world is facing.  Greece is in 2nd place in the European Union in terms of the percentage of people aged 65+ in the total population (Eurostat 2019) and at the same time in 25th place in terms of participation of people 55+ in social life and in 27th place in relation to the existence of an environment conducive to active aging (AAI 2020)

For all of us at ANTAMA, this reality is a challenge to create actions and conditions that will empower individuals in the 3rd stage of their adult life while at the same time awakening society's  collective consciousness, so that age discrimination is reduced and gradually eliminated .

We believe that people in the 3rd stage of adulthood can and must remain healthy, active and productive members of our society and that our benefit from utilizing their experiences and knowledge is invaluable!

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