Happiness has no age limit!


ANTAMA Social Enterprise was founded in 2020 with a vision to empower and connect people aged 65+ with peers as well as younger people in Greece, to promote active aging, and contribute to the elimination of ageism, and thus to a society more open and inclusive for all.

The way to achieve this is through the implementation of activities, combining education and entertainment, to improve the physical and emotional health of people aged 65+, to promote social interaction, as well as connection of different generations through intergenerational solidarity and dialogue.

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Wise2gether is a free online service enabling and encouraging intergenerational communication and open dialogue. It is a modern window of communication that invites young people to turn to older and more experienced people for personal advice of all kinds.

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Help us spread the word and raise awareness on issues concerning people 65+. Take part in our communication programs or use your network to inform others and become an ANTAMA Ambassador.

Due to COVID-19, all ANTAMA's activities are in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health for vulnerable groups.